In compliance with the updated government policy, all students, faculty, and staff who have visited any of the 11 tourist attractions announced by the government or other crowded places during Spring Break are advised to conduct self-health management measures at home for 14 days from April 6 to April 19. During the 14-day period, faculty and students are to use distance teaching and learning and staff members should work from home.

Announcement regarding Ming Chuan University Semester Starting Date and Preventing the Invasion of 2019-nCoV

UPDATE: 2020-04-06

Ming Chuan University Notification upon Returning to School after the  Tomb Sweeping Festival Long Weekend

Dear all faculty and staff members and students,

After the Tomb Sweeping Festival long weekend, the spread of COVID-19 hasn’t slowed, to allow students to keep on with their learning without worry, MCU has determined to strengthen campus disease prevention efforts from Apr. 7, 2020, and everyone needs to follow related regulations as below:

  1. The university will enforce access control to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from Apr. 7, 2020; except for official university affairs, visitors can’t enter the university.
  2. Please cooperate with temperature checks affairs when entering the university campus.
  3. To protect yourself and other people, all faculty members and students need to wear surgical masks in classrooms.
  4. To implement good public health management, everyone should cultivate the habit of washing hands frequently with soap and wearing surgical masks.
  5. Open the all doors and windows of the classroom to maintain a flow of fresh air indoors.
  6. Following the instructions from Central Epidemic Command Center regarding people entering and exiting Taiwan and participating in public activities, please avoid going abroad if there is no need or urgent reason. Please inform the university and take leave once you have a special need to go abroad.
  7. Avoid participating in any group activities, estimating who will participate, the activity venue and the risk of participating is necessary before you participate in any activity; avoid entering any crowded places, and keep appropriate social distance with other people (1.5 meters indoors, and 1 meter outdoors).
  8. During the disease containment period, to make disease investigation proceed smoothly, please honestly record your off-campus travel history, and all information regarding participation in meetings and activities. The university will follow related Merit or Demerit Regulations and investigate related liability should the university discover that faculty or staff members, or students concealed their actual travel history or meeting and activity participation information resulting in increased  disease infection risk on campus.
  9. Please inform your superior or class advisor if your family members or friends who live with you are now are conducting home quarantine, home isolation or carrying out self-management of health, and stay home with them; don’t come to the university campus until they complete home quarantine for 14 days.
  10. People who carry out self-management of health should avoid travel outside or participating in any meetings or activities.
  11. Please be familiar with Teams system and practice to use it well in case any special situation occurs.

To get through COVID-19, let us cooperate together for disease containment!


UPDATE: 2020-03-20

Campus Epidemic Prevention Notices (March 20, 2020)

Dear parents, faculty members and students:

Thank you all for complying with the institutional epidemic prevention measures and your cooperation during this period. MCU is a university with strict operations; each administrative and instructional matter related to preventing spread of this epidemic are implemented in accordance with relevant government regulations. Please set your minds at ease. We have compiled all the recently expressed questions and are responding to everyone at once to avoid information gaps leading to misunderstandings.

Regarding surgical masks for international students, the institution has provided two surgical masks to each international student per week, and provided fabric ones to them to extend the usage of the surgical masks (which is what most local residents are doing, too). In the meantime, we are promoting the relevant regulation for international students to wear surgical masks. If domestic students urgently need a surgical mask, they can register at the Campus Health Services Section to apply for one. The Ministry of Education has worked hard to assist schools to be allocated some surgical masks. All international students currently on campus either came back to school before the rapid spread of COVID-19 or have completed the test confirming they are disease-free. All students are equal under university regulations.

Regarding the risk of lining up in the on-campus restaurants, the institution has requested all vendors to follow the disease prevention regulations; all food service staff wear surgical masks and gloves, and have sped up the meal operation process. As most of the students from China, Hong Kong, Macao and some international students did not come back to campus, there are not many students eating their meals in the on-campus restaurants, and the vendors all prepare meal boxes or fast food for students to take out.

Currently, some institutions have already emptied their campuses by going to complete distance instruction/learning. We are not adopting this method because the government has not announced a lockdown of the city or regulations banning in-person teaching. Faculty members and students will be at risk of disease infection if they do not come to campus but hang around outside. However, Ming Chuan is well prepared for suspension of in-person teaching. All faculty and staff members have been trained for implementing distance teaching and administration operations. The institution will immediately adopt online distance teaching and operations should infected cases be confirmed and institutional lockdown implemented. Such a suspension period will be 2 weeks (14 days), not the whole semester. This semester’s midterm and final examinations are being adjusted to flexible evaluations instead of grouped tests in exam rooms.

Regarding the temperature-taking process before entering the campus, the responsible unit will review and improve immediately to ensure the safety of all faculty members and students. Currently, no campus venues or classrooms are available for use by off-campus people or organizations to ensure simplicity and good hygiene at all MCU campuses and locations.

Finally, during the upcoming Tomb Sweeping holiday, all faculty and staff members are kindly reminded to not travel overseas or participate in large-scale activities, avoid entering confined spaces such as night clubs, rather stay at home now and wait till after the epidemic to make it up to yourself. All of us must steadily fight the disease together to maintain MCU campus safety and provide a comfortable environment for teaching and life.

For further relevant epidemic prevention measures on campus, please refer to the announcements from Ming Chuan University through the Preventing the Invasion of COVID-19 on our public website to protect your rights.

Best wishes for health & happiness,

MCU Epidemic Prevention Emergency Response Team

UPDATE: 2020-02-27 17:00

Subject: A letter from President of Ming Chuan University and MCU Epidemic Prevention Emergency Response Team

Dear Students and Parents: 

The new semester will start on March 2, 2020, two weeks later than originally scheduled, due to COVID-2019. Final examinations will be rescheduled for the end of June 2020. Although the Graduation Examinations and Graduation Ceremony will be held as scheduled, the adjustment of the calendar will certainly inconvenience many of you. We appreciate your understanding of the importance of protecting everyone’s health. 

Currently, COVID-19 is well controlled in Taiwan; however, campuses are a venue for group learning and activities, so we must be well prepared for disease containment. MCU has implemented infection prevention hygiene and sanitizing of teaching equipment at all locations. Moreover, we are well prepared for managing those who have recently traveled in an infected area with flexible measures for conducting courses. Please refer to “Disease Prevention” ( on MCU homepage for relevant information. The MCU Epidemic Prevention Emergency Response Team reminds you that all people – faculty, staff, students, and others visiting campus for official purposes – must have their temperature taken before entering any MCU campus from March 2, 2020. Students who live in the student dormitories will each have their temperature taken every evening as well. Any abnormal situations will be dealt with immediately in accordance with the presenting symptoms. Students are to prepare their own facial masks and wear them as needed, and take their own temperature every morning and evening. Please do not come to school if you do not feel well; that is the best and most important way to protect yourself and others. During this period, student sick leaves for disease prevention will be dealt with flexibly and will not affect student learning records. 

Currently, all students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and other infected areas announced by the government have not come back to Taiwan yet. Other international students who came back to Taiwan earlier have finished self-managed quarantine; therefore, there is no risk for them to return to campus for study. All we have to do is to implement self-managed disease prevention measures for ensuring campus safety. For those international students who are unable to return to campus for study, MCU faculty members have been practicing online teaching and evaluation; we are confident to maintain our teaching quality as usual. All faculty members and class advisors will pay attention to students’ learning situations, especially those international students who study online this semester. In the meantime, we hope that all students can care more about the international students who study online and cheer them up, because we are MCU Family. We sincerely hope that the whole MCU Family will be safe, healthy, and brave to proceed through this COVID-19 epidemic. 
Teamwork is especially needed during this difficult time. “Maintain smiling composure and persist to the end” was frequently said by MCU Founder Pao, and is the best encouragement for this moment. Learning cannot be stopped, neither can improvement. This disease risk will be over soon, so we need to be brave in the meantime. MCU faculty and staff members are well prepared and welcome all students to come back to the campuses. 

Best wishes
Happiness & Health

President of Ming Chuan University
Epidemic Prevention Emergency Response Team

UPDATE: 2020-02-25 17:00

In line with preventing the invasion of COVID-19 and protecting all faculty and staff members and students, beginning from 8:00 am on February 26, 2020, each individual – faculty, staff member, student, and others people visiting the campus for official purposes – must have their temperature taken before entering any MCU campus. Please follow the instructions of the responsible staff members.


UPDATE: 2020-02-05 15:00

(February 5, 2020) Latest Announcement for 2019-20 2nd Semester Starting Date

In line with preventing the invasion of 2019-nCoV, Ming Chuan University held a Provisional Expanded Administrative Council Meeting on February 5, 2020 and approved to postpone the starting date of 2019-20 2nd Semester to February 26, 2020; flexible courses will be implemented prior to official classes beginning on March 2, 2020. This resolution has been reported to the Ministry of Education for reference.