Mission Statement


Upholding the mission of “One key concept expressed three ways”, Ming Chuan University prides itself in providing an educational setting which attends to all students with parental care, support and guidance. As a comprehensive institution of higher education, Ming Chuan University strives for excellence in teaching and learning through theory-based, application-oriented education to prepare learners with professionalism, team spirit and broad worldviews for internationalization.

Ming Chuan University was established upon Founder Pao’s educational philosophies, including:

  1. Attending to all students with parental care, support, and guidance
  2. Strict Discipline and Diligent Teaching
  3. Encouraging keen effort in teaching
  4. Matching instruction in theory with experience in application
  5. Stressing both the humanities and technology

The university aims at the realization of practical education, encouraging students to incorporate practice and theory so they can enter the workforce immediately after graduation. In light of increasing globalization and global Chinese fever, the university strives to prepare students to face global competition through the integration of education theories in this Chinese institution and partner overseas universities. In addition to learning from successful education experience, Ming Chuan seeks to better nurture its students under the educational philosophy: the localization of global knowledge and the inculcation of local knowledge into the world.

To achieve the ultimate goal of developing into an outstanding international university, the university will make every effort to carry forward its quality education and commit itself to international excellence in teaching and research.