Our educational principle insists on theory-based, application-oriented education, which coordinates professional courses, utility courses (four years of English courses and three years of information technology courses) and general education to ensure that all of our graduates benefit from theory-based, application-oriented education. We implement holistic education to nurture students’ characters through seminars, graduation thesis, graduation project design, strict discipline and diligent teaching. Our graduates compete well with their peers in both further education admissions and employment rate.

Ming Chuan University has 11 Schools: Management, Communication, Law, Design, Applied Language, Information Technology, Tourism, Social Sciences, Health Technology, Financial Technology and International College. In step with the rapid developments of globalization and knowledge-based economy, our Schools not only hire faculty members with doctorate degrees, but also orient their teaching and research with the university’s interdisciplinary integration, continuous development, competitiveness and societal demand. To achieve this goal, each graduate school and department must promote their own professional features and competitive edge, promote the quality of teaching, research and service, and enhance students’ competence through faculty member evaluation and regular teaching evaluations.

In this 21st century information technology age, students must nurture the ability of searching for, analyzing, processing and integrating information. Due to the applications of network technology in the learning environment, the relevant technology is maturing. The outcome of teaching through the global information network is excellent and will be a key development for the university.

To encourage multi-faced teaching and learning, our university has established a complete e-learning environment. The expansion into Network University allows students to study without the limits of space and time. Students can repeat the teaching material online to promote their learning outcomes. Network teaching allows students to learn without requiring time- and space-constrained interaction between the faculty members and students, which is a huge challenge of the traditional teaching mode.

In support of networking and high-tech teaching, we have equipped all classrooms on both campuses to be e-classrooms. We will continue to develop more online courses for students to promote the quality of teaching, research, service, and students’ competitiveness.

In line with the trend toward globalized competition in higher education, Ming Chuan University established International College to provide English-taught degrees programs and promote campus internationalization and inter-university cooperation in 2001-02. We frequently hold various international academic exchanges, international guest visits and educational exhibitions to establish the channels of effective exchange and recruitment. Our students in International College not only learn professional knowledge, but also take relevant courses covering the development of the Greater China Economic Zone. Those courses are aimed to nurture students with a broad worldview, and nurture them to be competitive international talents equipped with broad worldview. This is not only the educational feature of International College, but also the MCU educational philosophy and goal for so many years.


Whales are found many places in the world; they have long lifespans and good social relationships. They are smart, curious, clean, friendly and good at performance and sonar. Whales inhabit all the world’s oceans, which symbolizes that MCU people are broad-minded, smart, and have good connections. Ming Chuan University strives for sustainable development and to be a renowned international university.

Ming Chuan University takes whale as the university mascot not only because of their broad minds, but also of brave character. In order to break out of traditional molds, the figure and action of the mascot were designed dynamically and powerfully.

Model Student Style: Represents excellent students at MCU, and every student is the King of MCU.

Wave-breaker Style: Symbolizes MCU’s spirit of facing difficulty and moving forward bravely. 

With “Welcome” board: For welcoming honored guests.

Internationalized MCU: The world is in our hands.

Cheerleading dance style: One of MCU’s features and cheer for MCU.

Heading style:MCU’s Soccer team is well-known.


The new Ming Chuan Emblem comprises an ascending eagle, with three curved figures from the bottom to the top. With its head, neck and wings in curved figures, the color of red, blue and white follow the traditional design. The globe figure under the eagle represents internationalism and modernization. The meaning of the design is to encourage young scholars to lift themselves as the eagle does with its mighty wings, to have sharp eyes, to soar high and to not give up even though the journey is far, to spiral in ever wider circles from home outward to all the world.


The three colors in the design: blue, white and red, symbolize the three principles of the people of a democratic republic, a new China. With unremitting efforts to healthily strive for continuous progress and make contributions to the nation, MCU may enjoy unlimited potential!

Ming Chuan University promotes adherence to the national motto of “Faithfulness, Piety, Benevolence, Compassion, Sincerity, Righteousness, Harmony, Peace” along with the common school motto of “Politeness, Righteousness, Humility, Nobility.”  In addition, MCU has adopted the motto of “Honesty, Sincerity, Humility, Determination.”

Honesty: being a person of integrity, honest, not deceptive

Sincerity: being a person of substance, not mere appearance, prudent in dress and deed

Humility: being a person of refinement, responsible and mannerly

Determination: being a person of endurance, always advancing, never retreating

Overall, this supports the spirit of “Enduring reliably, working hard to the end.” This describes Ming Chuan’s spirit and most important characteristic, desiring to nurture excellent, contributing citizens for the broader society, leading to magnificent achievements.