Student Bus Schedule 

yes[Student Shuttle Bus Schedule 2021.02.03]

yes2020-21 AY 1st Semester Final Exam Week Bus Schedule for Students 2021.01.07 

yesStarting from December 1, 2020, Jiujiu student shuttle bus scheduled to depart at 10:10 from Taoyuan Campus to
         MRT Jiantan Station (Taipei campus) is adjusted to depart at 10:20. Students are encouraged to fully utilize
         this transportation service.

yesTaoyuan direct shuttle bus scheduled to depart at 19:10 from Taoyuan Campus to MRT Huilong Station is adjusted to depart at 19:00 2020.11.20

yesStudent Shuttle Bus Schedule Modification for Jiantan→Taipei Main Station→Cailiao Route to Taoyuan Campus 2020.11.09

yesStudent Shuttle Bus Changing to Stop at Exit 1 of MRT Jiantan Station, No Longer Stopping at the Entrance of Taipei Campus. 2020.11.09

yesStudent Shuttle Buses for Midterm Exam Period (Nov. 9 to 13, 2020)

yesNotification of Additional Direct Bus from MRT Huilong Station to MCU Taoyuan Campus Daily at 8:30 AM


>>Provincial Highway 1 Route Direct Bus: Sanchong (Cailiao)←→ MCU Taoyuan Campus

Sanchong Cailiao (No.39, Sec. 4, Chongxin Rd. in front of Bank of Taiwan) → Tang-Chen (Zhong-Xing St. corner bus stop) →Touqianzhuang (MRT Exit 4)→Xinzhuang Jr. High School (in front of Xinzhuang District Office) →Fu Jen Catholic University (bus stop for MRT station exit 1) → Dan-Feng (Under Dan-Feng Bridge)→ Huilong (bus stop for MRT station exit 1) → Lunghwa University of Science and Technology (infront of 7-11 convenience store) → MCU Taoyuan Campus
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»Provincial Highway 1 Route: Taoyuan campus → Sanchong Cailiao (Taipei Main Station)

MCU Taoyuan Campus → Lunghwa University of Science and Technology (in front of An-de-Fu drug store) → Huilong (in front of Kao-Tsai-Sheng community) → Shuangfeng Rd. and Fuguo Rd.intersection (in front of Chinatrust Bank) → Dan-Feng (in front of No. 751 Zhong-Zheng Rd.) → Fu Jen Catholic University (bus stop for MRT station) → Xinzhuang Jr. High School (in front of Global Village Organization) →Touqianzhuang (MRT Exit 3)→ Tang-Chen (Zhong-Xing St. corner bus stop, in front of ChungJen Clinic) → Sanchong Cailiao (bus stop for MRT station) →Taipei Main Station
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»Provincial Highway 2 Route (Round Way Bus): Taipei Campus (Jian-Tan)、Taipei Main Station (Cosmos Hotel Taipei)←→Taoyuan Campus 
  • Taipei campus (open space in front of green railing located to the left when emerging from wide campus stairs gate, Exit 1 of Jiantan MRT Station) →  Cosmos Hotel Taipei, Taipei Main Station (In front of La Fusion Bakery)→ MCU Taoyuan campus
  • Taoyuan campus → MRT Jian-Tan Station (Taipei campus)
  • Taoyuan campus → Taipei Main Station
>>MRT Huilong Station Direct Bus

Exit 1 of Huilong MRT Station ←→ MCU Taoyuan Campus

>>Taoyuan Train Station Direct Bus

Taoyuan Train Station (Tonlin Department Store on Zhonghua Rd.) ↔ Crossroad of Wanshou Rd. and Zhongxing Rd. ↔Shou Shan Senior High School ↔ MCU Taoyuan Campus


>>Linkou Direct Bus: (Taoyuan Bus)

Highness Hotel on Wenhua 2nd Rd. ↔ MCU Taoyuan Campus
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>>Zhonghe,Tucheng & Sanxia Route Direct Bus (to Taoyuan Campus): Zhonghe MRT Jingan Station→ Taoyuan Campus (Yi-Tai Bus)

Zhonghe MRT Jingan Station (in front of Lion Travel Company-No. 130, Jingan Rd.) →Tucheng MRT Station Exit 1 (Chin-Chen Park) → Yongning MRT Station Exit 4 (Family Mart* Lane 76, Sec. 3, Zhong Yang Rd.)→ 7-11 diagonally across from National Taipei University→ MCU Taoyuan Campus
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>>Zhonghe, Tucheng, and Sanxia Route Direct Bus (Return Bus): MCU Taoyuan Campus →Zhonghe MRT Jingan Station (Yi-Tai Bus)

MCU Taoyuan Campus → Bus Stop next to National Taipei University→ Yongning MRT Station→ Tucheng MRT Station→Zhonghe MRT Jingan Station
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>>Taoyuan Bus Schedule to Chengkung Area of Campus(Taoyuan Bus)


No.137 bus for Taoyuan city and Campus
»No.137 bus

Hours of operation for Route 137 bus: Weekdays from 06:00 to 23:00; holidays from 06:00 to 23:00; bus interval of 15 to 20 minutes during peak hours, 30 to 35 minutes during off-peak time.  For any problems, please contact (03)361-8365, Taoyuan Bus Station.

Route: Tonlin Department → Hou Street → Taoyuan Campus → Hou Street → Taoyuan Station

137 bus route image



>>No.209A “Lu-Guang 2nd Village-Taoyuan MRT Shanbi Station”
  • For specific bus arrival times, please check a cellphone app such as “Bus Schedule in Taiwan” (Mandarin Only) or “BUS+”.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Taoyuan Bus Company at (03)361-8365.



209A bus map

Contact Person:Construction and Buildings Section of General Affairs Sections / Chang, Pi-Feng / EXT:2228