Exchange Student

Q1: How do I apply as an international exchange student to MCU?

A: Exchange students are nominated by MCU’s partner institutions. Please contact the international office at your home institution about the nomination procedure. For more information, please visit MCU IEE website <> and click on Exchange (Inbound), or email for assistance.

Q2: Is a language proficiency certificate necessary to apply to MCU as an international exchange student?

A: Language proficiency certificate is not required for the application. Exchange students are selected and recommended by our partner institutions. We rely on our partner institutions to ensure that students coming to study at MCU have a sufficient level of English or Mandarin to cope in an academic environment. It is advised students have a level similar to TOEFL IBT 61, IELTS 5 or TOEIC 550 for English-taught courses// TOCFL B2 level or HSK 4 for Chinese-taught courses.

Q3: Do I pay tuition fees to MCU?

A: Exchange students recommended by MCU partner institutions pay tuition fees at their home institution. Students are responsible for personal living expenses, housing, insurance, etc. while studying at MCU.

Q4: Can I apply if my school has no partnership with MCU?

A: MCU accepts visiting students from university/ college with no official partnership agreement with MCU. Visiting students should pay tuition fees to MCU. For more information on visiting student application, please email for assistance.

Q5: Should I prepare my insurance coverage in my home country?

A: International students on 1-semester exchange program are strongly recommended to arrange their own general & medical insurance coverage in their home country for their stay in Taiwan. If students have difficulty in arranging insurance before departure, they can consider the option of joining the Foreign Students Health Insurance at their own expense after arriving at MCU.
International students on 1-year exchange program, who have been staying in Taiwan for more than 6 months and already been issued the Alien Residence Certificate (ARC), can join the National Health Insurance, the healthcare system in Taiwan, at their own expense.

Q6: Can I apply for school dormitory?

A: Exchange students can apply for school dormitory space, but rooms are arranged by MCU. Students cannot choose roommates. For more information, please visit MCU IEE website and click on Exchange (Inbound) - Accommodation, or email for assistance.

Q7: Can I pre-register for courses at MCU?

A: Exchange students cannot pre-register for courses in advance from overseas.
After arriving at MCU in the beginning of the new semester and completing the registration procedure, exchange students can enroll, change, add or drop courses online through Student System during the online course add/drop period. Please note that it may be difficult for exchange students to get all the courses they are interested in because a limited number of seats are available for popular classes.

Q8: Can I take courses from other programs and year levels?

A: Yes, exchange students can take courses from different programs, year levels, and campuses. A full-time student at MCU is strongly recommended to enroll in 9 credits at minimum and 25 credits at maximum, per semester. MCU uses the U.S. credit system : 1 Credit ≒ 2 ECTS.

Q9: What courses are available for exchange students?

A: Exchange students are eligible to take courses available at all campus locations, including Chinese-taught programs <> click on Academics, and English-taught programs offered by the International College <>. If interested in learning Chinese, exchange students can attend language classes offered by the Mandarin Studies & Culture Center (MSCC) of MCU <>. MSCC classes are available for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Students will pay tuition for MSCC language classes, i.e. NT$13,500 for a total of 90 class hours per semester, after arriving at MCU.

Q10: How can I obtain a MCU transcript?

A: Before leaving MCU at the end of study, students need to submit a completed “Completion of Studies Application Form” (Form will be provided via email before the end of the semester.). Within one month after the final exams, the Academic Affairs Division of MCU will issue the transcript and post directly to the student’s home institution (Attention to the international office/ study abroad personnel). Students can collect a copy of the transcript when returning home.

Q11: Does MCU provide scholarships for exchange students?

A: No, MCU does not provide scholarships for exchange students. Please contact the governmental agencies at your home country, or your home institution for financial assistance.