Looking back

The process of founding a school was truly a thorn-filled wilderness. Our founder, along with the faculty and students, truly endured all manner of hardships and overcame extreme difficulties to get to where we are today. Along the way, they faced tests and challenges that words cannot adequately describe. The original plan called for Ming Chuan to be located in Danshui. However, a descendant of Liu Ming-Chuan, Madam Liu, for a variety of reasons, could not continue operating a Ming Chuan Orphanage that she had established on Zhong-Shan North Road. Madam Liu was hoping that someone could give her a hand in resolving this difficulty. In an act of kindness, Founder Pao took over the Ming Chuan Orphanage, which was later converted into the school of the same name. In addition to commemorating the role our forefather Liu Ming-Chuan had in surveying and governing Taiwan, and venerating him for establishing the present-day foundation we enjoy, we hope that his example will inspire our faculty and students to lofty aspirations.