Ming Chuan University has been established for more than 50 years, and become an internationalized university under Founder Pao’s leadership and faculty and staff members’ efforts. Ming Chuan University not only cultivates talents in high tech, humanities and management, but also strives to be a better and better comprehensive university with research, teaching and service. Ming Chuan University continues on the road to achieving internationally-recognized university status.

Establish Matsu Executive Master's Programs in 2004

Our educational efforts on Kinmen campus have received many compliments and spread the renown of the university. In 2004, the Ministry of Education approved MCU to establish Matsu Executive Master's Programs to promote higher education in Kinmen and Matsu, and strive for the educational right for the local people. Founder Pao used to say, “It is MCU’s honor to serve the island residents”. 

In 1995, consider establishing a campus on Kinmen

Ming Chuan University has conducted education in Taiwan for decades and received many compliments. In 1995, a Kinmen County Education Advancement Investigation Team called on Ming Chuan to consider establishing a campus on Kinmen, hoping to elevate the level of education available there. In line with her educational philosophy, Founder Pao decided to establish a campus on Kinmen. With the establishment of this campus, Ming Chuan University became a comprehensive university with three campuses. 

Taoyuan campus was established in 1993

After promotion to Ming Chuan College [of Management], the institution continued to follow Founder Pao’s educational philosophy of “attending to all students with parental care, support, and guidance”. After more than 30 years of development, Ming Chuan’s campus on Mount Fu was full to capacity. In 1967, the school purchased gently sloping ground in Gui-Shan Township of Taoyuan County. Taoyuan campus was established in 1993 to promote educational quality and benefit more students after 25 years of preparation and prolonged labors. In August of 1997, we were finally upgraded by the Ministry of Education to Ming Chuan University. 

Promoted to senior college status on July 16, 1990

As MCU started out as a commercial college, the original three-year day school consisted of Banking and Insurance, Accounting and Statistics, and International Trade and Business Administration programs. In 1960, Secretarial Science was added and Ming Chuan became part of the national junior college joint entrance examination program. The former four departments were formed into an evening program added in 1963. In 1964, the day school added a Commercial Mathematics department and Secretarial Science was added to the evening program. A five-year program, for junior high school graduates, was established in the same year, and had grown from 300 to 1400 students enrolled. The emphasis at Ming Chuan is on maintaining strict standards, encouraging keen effort in teaching, producing well-rounded students, matching instruction in theory with experience in application, and stressing both the humanities and technology. The Ministry of Education of the ROC promoted Ming Chuan to senior college status on July 16, 1990.

Relocated to its present site in the Shihlin District in 1962

In five short years following the establishment of the school, it had been faced with the test of having to move and rebuild twice. Finally, the College was relocated to its present site in the Shihlin District in 1962. During this time, due to being short of funds, Dr. Pao had to borrow money and raise financial support to operate the school, so the construction could not be completed at one go, rather in stages. Despite these difficulties, Dr. Pao still persisted valiantly; time and time again threats were turned into opportunities until the foundation for the school’s operation was established.

Looking back

The process of founding a school was truly a thorn-filled wilderness. Our founder, along with the faculty and students, truly endured all manner of hardships and overcame extreme difficulties to get to where we are today. Along the way, they faced tests and challenges that words cannot adequately describe. The original plan called for Ming Chuan to be located in Danshui. However, a descendant of Liu Ming-Chuan, Madam Liu, for a variety of reasons, could not continue operating a Ming Chuan Orphanage that she had established on Zhong-Shan North Road. Madam Liu was hoping that someone could give her a hand in resolving this difficulty. In an act of kindness, Founder Pao took over the Ming Chuan Orphanage, which was later converted into the school of the same name. In addition to commemorating the role our forefather Liu Ming-Chuan had in surveying and governing Taiwan, and venerating him for establishing the present-day foundation we enjoy, we hope that his example will inspire our faculty and students to lofty aspirations.

Ming Chuan University was founded in 1957

Ming Chuan University was founded in 1957 by Dr. Teh-Ming Pao and Dr. Ying-Chao Lee. It was Taiwan's first women's business school. By far, the most significant influence on the development of this school has been its founder and first president, Dr. Teh-Ming Pao. As the government had just moved to Taiwan and the economy of that day was lagging behind that of others and that there was an urgent need to nurture business professionals, Dr. Pao invested herself in forming and operating a school that would be devoted to supporting national development. At the same time, she broke down the myth that women exist for convenience and are without talent, believing rather that education opportunities for women would increase their rights and contributions to society. Thus, in the fall of 1956, she began preparations for opening a school. On March 25 of the following year, the Ministry of Education approved its founding, and that fall, students were recruited for the beginning of formal classes. Thus began the first chapter and page of Ming Chuan’s educational family history.