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【銘傳一週978期Enews】International College Weekly Meeting on Taoyuan Campus

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 15:28

by Florrie Lin

International College Weekly Meeting on Taoyuan Campus will be held at 12:40 pm next Friday (April 28) at the First Gymnasium. Mr. Sam Yang, CEO of The Yang Foundation is invited to deliver a speech on “Happiness Advantage”. All invited faculty members and students are reminded to please attend the weekly meeting on time.

【銘傳一週977期Enews】4/18~21Mid-Term Examinations

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 11:30

by Meggy Weng

The period of mid-term exams this semester has changed to Apr. 18 (Tue.) to Apr. 21 (Fri.) since the bridge holiday on Feb. 27 (Mon.) for 228 Peace Memorial Day is to be made up on Apr. 17 (Mon.). The complete mid-term exam schedule has been posted under Exam Schedule and Location Query on the Student Information System. The Exam Schedule and Location for time-conflict and cross-campus situations will be announced four days in advance under Exam Schedule and Location Query on the Student Information System as well.

MCU emphasizes upright morals; students who cheat during examinations will receive a 2nd-Level Expulsion. Please be sure to turn off cell phones, and bring student ID cards and stationery items needed for exams. Students who are more than 15 minutes late for examinations are not allowed to take the examination, so it is recommended that students get an early start. Please make sure to bring your student ID for examinations. If you forget to bring your ID, please go to the authorized document machine to register for a temporary ID card.

Student Affairs Division reminds everyone that students are not allowed to apply for “personal leave” during the mid-term examination period. Students who need to apply for sick leave or other types of leaves must submit related documents to Student Advising Section on Taipei campus or Student Affairs Section on Taoyuan campus for a special case leave on an examination day and complete the leave procedure within two days of missing an exam (including the examination day). The leave application deadline is Apr. 24 (Mon.). Late applications will not be accepted. Final reminder, please be sure to turn off cell phones during examinations. If a cell phone rings (or vibrates or an alarm goes off) during an examination period, it will be processed as an exam rule violation.

【銘傳一週976期Enews】Academic Symposium Held by International Affairs and Diplomacy Program Launched this Saturday

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 11:24

by Florrie Lin

The International Affairs and Diplomacy Program of International College is going to hold Anniversary Academic Symposium on Forms and Dynamics of International Governance in Transition at 9:30 on April 1, 2017 (Saturday) in J616 at Jihe Complex. Off-campus specialists from industry, government and academia will participate in the symposium. Dr. Dennis Van Vranken Hickey (Distinguished Professor & Director of Graduate Program in Global Studies in the Political Science Department at Missouri State University in U.S.) delivered his keynote speech on the topic “Taiwan’s Security in an Era of Uncertainty” earlier on March 14, 2017.

【銘傳一週976期Enews】Ming Chuan University Ranked in Top 300 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 11:18

by Florrie Lin

MCU’s educational outcomes have been affirmed by the society, now, the 2017 Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings rank the top 300 universities in Asia and announced the result on March 15, 2017, which includes Ming Chuan University for the first time, along with 26 other universities in Taiwan. The 2017 Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings rank the top 300 universities in Asia, which judges world-class universities employing 13 separate performance indicators across all of their core missions – teaching, research, paper citations, these citation, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

【銘傳一週975期Enews】Oxford University Queen’s College Choir Celebrates MCU 60th Anniversary in Song

Mon, 03/20/2017 - 01:06

by Florrie Lin

Oxford University Queen’s College Choir from United Kingdom has been invited to perform at the MCU 60th Anniversary Cocktail Party on March 25, with a subsequent concert tour in Taiwan, to allow more people in Taiwan to enjoy their delightful sound.

Oxford University Queen’s College Choir is a world-renowned choir, one of the most acclaimed university choirs in the U.K. This year, Principal Conductor, Owen Rees, leads 25 members on a premiere concert tour in Taiwan. Professor Owen Rees has been teaching at Oxford University since 1997 and plays an important role in Oxford University as a senior academic researcher, music director and conductor.

Oxford University Queen’s College Choir has been invited by Ming Chuan University to perform in Taiwan for the first time, which is very meaningful to MCU. Through this, Ming Chuan not only achieves the goal of exchange with a top-tier academic group, but also has invited Professor Owen Rees to lecture as an Invited Professor at MCU to launch academic exchange between our respective institutions. Oxford University Queen’s College Choir will perform at Xinzhuang Culture and Arts Center on March 23, in MCU 60th Anniversary Cocktail Party on Taoyuan Campus on March 25 and at Zhongli Auditorium on March 29.

【銘傳一週975期Enews】MCU 60th Anniversary Celebration to be Held on Taoyuan Campus

Mon, 03/20/2017 - 00:58

by Florrie Lin

The theme of MCU 60th Anniversary is “ MCU Devoted to Education for 60 Years”, with many celebratory activities, such as Cross-strait Higher Education Forum held on March 24 (Friday) in Grand Hotel and MCU 60th Anniversary Welcome Banquet & International Fashion Show at Sun Yat Sen Auditorium on Taipei campus.

MCU 60th Anniversary Ceremony and Cocktail Party will be held in the Auditorium of Second Gymnasium on Taoyuan Campus on March 25 (Saturday). The performance by Ming Chuan Zhuyun Chinese Music Club will be a good launch of our ceremony, Oxford University Queen’s College Choir and Inaba Umbrella Dance by Tottori University from Japan will display amazing international arts.

Special guests have been invited for celebrating MCU 60th Anniversary, including President Donald J. Bachand of SVSU, In-Soo Lee, President of the University of Suwon in Korea and other honored guests from Canada, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, Mainland China. Moreover, many alumni from at home and abroad will join in to celebrate our anniversary.

Creative Cheerleading Championship, always the most attractive and exciting activity, will be held on the 3rd floor of the First Gymnasium on Taoyuan Campus. MCU’s sister schools, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Meijo University and Xiamen University of Technology in Mainland China, will also participate with International Cheerleading Dance Exhibitions to celebrate MCU 60th Anniversary.

【974Enews】25 University Anniversary Academic Symposia Launched

Fri, 03/10/2017 - 16:19

by Florrie Lin

One of the important anniversary activities, Striving for Excellence in Higher Education Symposia will be held from March 10 through April 29, 2017. In all, 25 sections are being held on Taipei and Taoyuan Campuses, and at Jihe Complex. MCU faculty members, graduate students and off-campus specialists from industry, government and academia will participate in the symposia, which will be conducted through lectures, paper presentations, poster sessions and workshops in each academic and professional field. MCU 60th Anniversary Academic Symposia Joint Opening Ceremony will be held at 9:00 am on March 17, 2017 (Friday) in M104 on Taoyuan Campus, with other participants joining through the teleconferencing system in Large Conference Room on Taipei Campus and J616 in Jihe Complex. For further information, please check out

【974Enews】MCU Anniversary Recruitment Scholarship for MCUMI Masters’ Programs

Fri, 03/10/2017 - 16:16

by Florrie Lin

MCUMI Anniversary Recruitment Scholarship for Masters’ Programs is launched. In celebration of MCU 60th Anniversary, all MCU students and alumni who are qualified to apply for the Master’s Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language or in New Media and Communication Administration at the MCU-MI location will be granted 500 USD recruitment scholarship after enrollment for one semester. Furthermore, students who have attained a TOEFL-IBT score of 79 or a 6.5 IELTS score will be qualified for an in-state tuition scholarship for 6 credits during the last semester of their master’s program. The application deadline is June 15, 2017. All qualified students are welcome to apply for the scholarship and make your dream of studying abroad come true. Numbers are limited. For further information, please contact Debby (ext.2607) or Terri (ext.2405) of International Education and Exchange Division or check out‭.‬