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【銘傳一週985期Enews】School of Management Earned AACSB Accreditation Rapidly

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 13:32

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in the U.S sent a letter to congratulate MCU School of Management on earning AACSB accreditation to join 5% of Schools of Business around the world which have earned this accreditation. MCU welcomed the final Peer Review Team visit in May 2017 and earned the accreditation on July 25, 2017. The School of Management earned AACSB accreditation in a record-fast three years, indicating that our teaching quality, research ability and students’ performance have been affirmed internationally. MCU is now one of 795 accredited Schools of Business from 53 countries. MCU faculty members and students will have more opportunities of exchange and collaboration with more international Schools of Business in the future, which will promote MCU’s international reputation and renown.

【銘傳一週985期Enews】New Semester Begins with Course Selection

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 13:31

2017-18 AY 1st Semester will begin on September 18, 2017 and the most important activity is “Course Selection”. The initial course selection will begin at 12:30 pm on September 18 (Monday). Students are scheduled for online course selection based on their year of study. The results of Cloud Course Selection Agent System will be announced at 10:00 am on the day of course selection for each year of study. Students who would like to choose courses from other departments, online courses (Accounting and Economics) or retake courses, please grab this chance to add or drop courses through the Student Information System.

【銘傳一週985期Enews】Amended General Provisions for Study

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 13:30

In order to encourage students to study hard and maintain the efficiency of Early Warning Mechanisms, the Academic Affairs Division has amended the withdrawal regulations in General Provisions for Study to ‘students must withdraw due to failing 2/3 of their total credits for the semester twice’, which was passed at the University Affairs Committee Meeting on June 12, 2017 and ratified by the Ministry of Education on June 20, 2017. The implementation will be applied retroactively to 2016-17 AY 2nd Semester. Once a student to fails 2/3 of their total credits in the 1st semester and in the 2nd semester as well, that student will be forced to withdraw from study.

【銘傳一週984期Enews】June 20 to 23, 2017 Final Examinations

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 17:35

by Meggy Weng

As the second semester of 2016-17 AY draws to an end, final examinations are upon us again. The final exams are adjusted to June 20 (Tue.) ~ 23 (Fri.), since June 19 (Mon.) is scheduled for make-up classes due to the Dragon Boat Festival bridge holiday.

Each student’s final examination schedule has been posted under Exam Schedule and Location Query on the Student Information System. The Exam Schedule and Location for time-conflict and cross-campus situations will be announced four days in advance under Exam Schedule and Location Query on the Student Information System as well.

Please make sure to bring your student ID for examinations, and be sure to turn off cell phones. Students who are more than 15 minutes late for an examination are not allowed to take the exam, so it is recommended that students get an early start. Students who cheat during examinations will receive a 2nd-Level Expulsion.

Student Affairs Division reminds everyone that students are not allowed to apply for “personal leave” during the final examination period. Students who want to apply for make-up examinations need to submit their application online on the day of missing exams. Students who need to apply for sick leave or other types of leaves must submit related documents to Student Advising Section on Taipei campus or Student Affairs Section on Taoyuan campus for a special case leave on an examination day and complete the leave procedure within two days of missing an exam (including the examination day). The deadline of leave application online is June 23 (Fri.) and deadline for submitting the relevant evidence is June 26 (Monday). Late applications will not be accepted. The make-up examinations will be held from June 28 to 30, 2017.

【銘傳一週984期Enews】Recruitment for MSCC Summer Session Mandarin Class

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 17:34

by Meggy Weng

MSCC Summer Session Mandarin Class is now open for application through June 23. The study period in each session is 3 months, comprising a total of 180 study hours from July 3 to Sept 22, 2017. There are 3 hours of class per day, 5 days per week, over the period of 12 weeks. All classes will be taught by professional teachers, with groups of 6 to 15 students in each. The tuition fee for this period is NTD 30,000 (not including books and teaching materials fees of NTD 500 to NTD 1,000). Classes will be open at both Jihe Complex and Taoyuan Campus of MCU.  Student Orientation Seminar will be held on June 30, from 10:00 am to noon in classroom J310 at Jihe Complex. For more details regarding applications, please visit MSCC website: or contact MSCC through E-mail:

【銘傳一週984期Enews】Free Mandarin Summer Camp at MCUMI

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 17:32

by Meggy Weng

To promote Mandarin learning and Chinese culture, MCUMI is hosting a Mandarin Summer Camp from June 29 to July 26. Nine students from Teaching Chinese of Second Language Department will visit MCUMI to provide interactive teaching. Numbers are limited for participants in this free summer camp at MCUMI. For further information, please contact +1 989-964-2497, the direct line of MCUMI.

【銘傳一週983期Enews】With Glory and Blessing – 4584 Students Bid Farewell to MCU during 3 Graduation Ceremonies

Sat, 06/03/2017 - 14:30

by Meggy Weng

Time flies, and the graduation season is upon us again. 2016-17 AY graduation ceremonies will be held this weekend. Graduation ceremonies at Taoyuan Campus will be held on June 10 (Sat.) at First Gymnasium; 14:00-16:00 is the period for School of Tourism, School of Information Technology, School of Social Sciences, and Taoyuan International College, while 18:30-20:30 is the period for School of Education and Applied Languages, School of Health Technology, and School of Design. The graduation ceremony on Taipei Campus will be held on 18:30-20:30, June 11 (Sun.) at Sun Yat Sen Auditorium, for students graduating from School of Management, School of Communication, School of Law and Taipei International College.

A total of 4,584 students are being awarded doctoral degrees, masters’ degrees, and bachelors’ degrees. [1,911 graduate students on Taipei Campus, 2,633 graduate students on Taoyuan Campus, 24 graduate students on Kinmen Campus, 9 graduate students at Lienchiang Location, and 7 graduate students at Michigan Location]. All graduating students will share the joy of achievement with their teachers, friends, and family. President Lee will give remarks during the ceremonies and each ceremony will feature one graduating student delivering a valedictory speech: Zhang, Chun-Qi from Journalism and Mass Communication Program of International College, Lu, Yu-Zi from Applied Statistics and Information Science Department, and Huang, Ling-Jie from Biotechnology Department. These student speakers have been selected to represent all the graduating students in expressing their sentiments, as well as appreciation to the university and the faculty.

Due to the limitation of the seats in the venues, only family members with an audience pass will be allowed to enter the venue. Family members without a pass are to please go to P101 meeting room on Taoyuan Campus, H101 or Library reading room on Taipei Campus for a live broadcast of the proceedings. On the other hand, they can also watch the broadcast via internet, MC Weekly FB page will broadcast live on Facebook at

【銘傳一週983期Enews】Int’l Business Mgmt Students Visited Tachou (TC) Yachts

Sat, 06/03/2017 - 14:25

by Meggy Weng

Dr. Chang, Jung-Nung, associate professor of International Affairs and Diplomacy Degree Program led 60 international students and teacher of the International Business Management (IBM) course on a yacht ride at Taipei Dadaocheng Wharf to tour TC Yachts, which is located in Bali, New Taipei City.

The tour was hosted by Ms. Chen Li-Ling, who is the General Manager of TC Yachts and alumna of MCU. Ms. Chen introduced the business concept of TC Yachts and the procedure of constructing yachts, which illustrated to the students how a successful Taiwanese enterprise connects with the international market.

【銘傳一週982期Enews】AACSB Completed On-site Visit to School of Management

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 02:04

by Meggy Weng

Dr. Roger Weikle, chair of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) Peer Review Team to the MCU School of Management (SOM), and Dean of the College of Business Administration at Winthrop University, led the delegation that included Dean Manuel Agosin from the University of Chile and Dr. Ricardo Lim from the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines. The Peer Review Team successfully completed the on-site visit from May 14 to May 17, 2017.

The SOM’s Eligibility Application, Standard Alignment Plan, and the first Progress Report were accepted by AACSB step by step from 2014 to 2016. During that period, AACSB also conducted mentor visits and chair visit at MCU. Based on its excellent teaching performance and extensive accreditation experiences, the university received positive results for both of the visits.

【銘傳一週982期Enews】Course Selection Agent System Ready for 1st Semester 2017-18

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 01:43

by Meggy Weng

The preliminary selection of Add / Drop Courses Online Service for 1st Semester of 2017-18 AY will open at 12:30 pm on May 22 and will be available in different periods depending on students’ class year. The period of online course selection will extend until 16:00 of the following day.

After the initial selection stage, students can utilize the online service to add/drop courses starting from June 6 at 12:30 through June 8 at 16:00. Preliminary selection results will be posted on June 22. For students choosing not to take required classes, or requesting that credits be waived, approval is required from the relevant department chair. These students are asked to come in person to the Curriculum Section or Taoyuan Academic Affairs Section to cancel selected courses between May 22 through June 1.

Please navigate to Academic Affair Website, then click News and find the link for On- Line Course Selection Handbook for more information.

【銘傳一週982期Enews】IAD Students Visit Mainland Affairs Council

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 01:40

by Meggy Weng

Professor Chen, Wei-Hwa and Assistant Professor Wellington Wei led 17 International Affairs and Diplomacy Program (IAD) students to visit Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) on May 2nd. The tour of MAC was hosted by Mr. Chiu, Chui-Cheng, Vice Chairperson of MAC. Following the steps of globalization, IAD students focus on the cross-strait issue, and the tour helped them to better understand the real situation of the cross-strait relationship.

【銘傳一週981期Enews】AACSB On-site Visit to School of Management on May 14-17

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 23:12

by Meggy Weng

The MCU School of Management (SOM) is now pursuing AACSB Accreditation. Their Eligibility Application was accepted in June 2014, the Standards Alignment Plan was accepted in May 2015, and the first Progress Report was approved in March 2016. AACSB conducted mentor visits in 2014 and 2015 at MCU, and SOM received positive results for both of the visits. Dr. Roger Weikle, the chair of the AACSB final Peer Review Team assigned to SOM will lead the on-site visit from May 14 to May 17, 2017.

The delegation also includes Dean Manuel Agosin from University of Chile and Dr. Ricardo Lim from Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines. All three are professional scholars with extensive experiences in AACSB accreditation. The schedule includes campus visits, as well as interviews with faculty, students, staff and administrators. Through the in-depth interviews with different parties, the delegation will better understand the SOM’s efforts in business education. Through these accreditation efforts, the educational quality in SOM will continuously be upgraded.

【銘傳一週981期Enews】Warm Graduation Ceremony at MCUMI

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 23:11

by Meggy Weng

A total of 7 students graduated from MCUMI this year during the graduation ceremony held on May 6, 2017 at the gymnasium of Saginaw Valley State University. President Lee visited MCUMI and awarded Master’s Diplomas to 4 students who graduated from Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language program and 3 students who graduated from New Media and Communication Administration program. During a lovely and warm graduation ceremony, President Lee conveyed blessings and encouragement to graduating students on this joyful occasion. Joining President Lee in the MCU delegation were Vice President Max Liu, Dean Pei-Di Shen and Acting Dean Lynne Lee.

【銘傳一週980期Enews】Culture Trip in Yilan for MCU International Students

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 15:06

by Meggy Weng

Office of International Student Service held “Yilan Cultural Trip ~Exploring Culture~” on April 29 and May 6 for 40 international students from each of Taipei and Taoyuan campuses to Toucheng Farm. During the process, students tasted traditional Taiwanese food, homemade vinegar and designed their own stylish bag. This event helped international students to experience the enthusiasm and pleasure of Taiwanese culture.

【銘傳一週980期Enews】Post Mid-term Course-reduction Application Period Starts from May 8

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 15:06

by Meggy Weng

The post mid-term course-reduction application period is from 9 am on May 8 through 4 pm on May 12. Students who fail less than one-third of their credits on midterm exams may apply to drop one course; those who fail more than one-third but less than half of their credits on midterm exams may apply to drop no more than two courses, while those who fail half of their credits on midterm exams may apply to drop no more than three courses.

Students who meet the course-reduction criteria may submit their application through the Student Information System after they counsel with their class advisor. They need to enter Student Information System, click on Course Info., then on Post-Midterm Course Withdrawal, choose the courses that they want to reduce, and submit the result after confirming all the details.

Academic Affairs Division kindly reminds all students who do not complete the credit hour tuition payment for certain courses before the deadline, those courses will be treated as those to be dropped and will be calculated into the total number of course-reduction courses. The semester’s total credits must not fall below the minimum credits required for full-time enrollment after the course reduction: Undergraduates must have at least 12 credits for 1st to 3rd-year students; 9 credits for 4th, 5th-year students and Work-experience Completion Program Students; Master’s students cannot be lower than 3 credits. Master’s students in 1st to 2nd-year cannot be enrolled in less than 1 course. Exchange students: Please contact the International Education and Exchange Division or the Mainland China Education and Exchange Division. For other related questions, please contact the Registrar Section of Academic Affairs Division on Taipei campus and or Taoyuan camps Academic Affairs Section.

【銘傳一週979期Enews】7 MCUMI Students Complete Dual Masters’ Degrees MCU Joint Commencement Ceremony on May 6, 2017

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 15:54

by Florrie Lin

Ming Chuan University Michigan Location (MCUMI) and Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) will host a joint commencement ceremony for the second year at SVSU Ryder Center on May 6, 2017. President Chuan Lee will visit MCUMI next week (5/3-5/7) to confer the degrees to our graduate students from the Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language program and the New Media and Communication Administration program. This year, seven MCUMI graduating students will receive their diplomas both from MCU President Chuan Lee and SVSU President Donald Bachand at the commencement. Along with President Lee, the MCU delegation includes Vice President Max Liu, Dean Pei-Di Shen and Acting Dean Lynne Lee. Following the commencement, President Lee and Dr. Robert Yien, MCU Executive Vice President, will co-host a special reception to honor the Class of 2017 graduate students and their parents.

【銘傳一週979期Enews】Campus Cleaning Competition on Friday

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 15:52

by Florrie Lin

To create a clean and comfortable campus environment, the campus cleaning competition will be held on Taipei and Taoyuan campuses on this Friday (May 5). General Affairs Division hopes that all at MCU will join this activity. During the competition, between 12:00-14:00 on Friday, students need to follow the drawing results and complete all the cleaning process in their area of responsibility. All club activities will be suspended that day and evaluation teams will be arranged to inspect the cleanliness of all classrooms and public areas. The top 3 classes of each year level on Taipei campus will be awarded with monetary and administrative awards, while the top 6 on Taoyuan campus will be awarded with monetary awards, certificates, and administrative awards.

【銘傳一週979期Enews】Scholarships for International Students Now Open for Application

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 15:49

by Florrie Lin

Scholarships for International Students for second semester of 2016 AY are now open for application; the application period is from today till May 8 at 10 am. The application qualifications include being a full-time international student with conduct grade over 84 in the previous semester. Undergraduate students need to take more than nine credits each semester, with academic grade average over 85 in the previous semester. Graduate students need to take more than four credits each semester, with academic grade average over 85 in the previous semester. Students who want to apply should log into Student Information System, and click on “International Scholarships” under “Apply”. Students who have further questions should please contact Ms. Chu, the responsible staff in International Education and Exchange Office, at 03-3507001 Ext.3703, or email

【銘傳一週978期Enews】MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony at Sun Yat Sen Auditorium on April 27

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 15:30

by Florrie Lin

The 28th MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony will be held at Sun Yat Sen Auditorium in the afternoon of April 27. The results of the university-wide literary competition this year have no winner for first prize in either the English Prose or English Poetry sections because the judges reviewed the works strictly and found none worthy of that high honor. The judges noted that the works are self-styled and creative but missing the beauty of good rhetoric.

The 2nd prizes in these two categories go respectively to Shennica David “More than the sum of its parts” and Stephanie Cardona “Day in Color” from JMC. Other winners are Andrea Claus, Josuane Edwards, Lourdes Flores from IBT, and Daniel Tarpy from GSIA.

Congratulations to the winners. All interested students are welcome to attend the ceremony.

【銘傳一週978期Enews】International Students’ Meet-the-Faculty Seminar on Taipei Campus

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 15:29

by Florrie Lin

As a platform for interchange of ideas between students and the institution, International Students’ Meet-the-Faculty Seminar will be held by Student Advising Section of Students Affairs Division in Large Conference Room on Taipei Campus at 12:00 pm on April 27, 2017 (Thursday). International student representatives are invited to participate in the seminar, the content of which not only includes Q & A and problem solving, but also the promotion of relevant university policy and working procedures for enhancing good interaction between the students and the institution.